Machine Specifications

Raw, Dyed, Finished Fabric Winding, Control Machine.

  • Max 2400 mm

  • Unwrapped fabric, Roll

  • Roll

  • Knitting

  • Raw, Dyed, Finished fabric wrapping and Quality control
  • Smooth
  • edged winding with edge fotocell
  • Stopping at the end of fabric with fabric
  • end photocell
  • Opening of wrinkles with spiral openers
  • Fully opening of the edges with air help
  • With top and bottom lighting tables healthy fabric control
  • Weight and meter information retrieval feature
  • Measure measurement with 0.2% accuracy
  • Roll and pastal fabric input feature
  • Manually adjust roll winding stiffness
  • Automatic fabric tension control (tension)
  • Stop at desired meters